NHL casting call

This is a little list Killer_Carlson and I put together.  Hope you find it interesting.  The premise is which movie character would each playoff team be?

Let's start out west:

San Jose Sharks: Maverick- The young hot shot that just doesn't learn the lesson that gets them over the top.  Plus, they killed their best friend.

Chicago: Scarface- Has the world in the palm of their hands but the cracks are showing and the downfall may be rapid.  Sporting plenty of firepower and a top of the line security system, but lacks trust and confidence where they need it most.

Vancouver: Hans Landa- Multicultural, well-rounded, and frighteningly talented.  Their downfall comes when their best laid plans unexpectedly fall apart.

Phoenix: Patrick Bateman- Intelligent and versatile, will hash things out however you want to play it.  Nobody ever sees them coming but when given a chance, they'll kill you.

Detroit: James Bond- A great, well rounded, classic character.  Experienced a lull in the '80s but has had a strong resurgence in the last 15 years.

Los Angeles: Amsterdam Vallon- Young, talented, dangerous, and ambitious bad ass.  Lacks experience, and will have to fight through a deep and talented crowd to reach the top.

Nashville: Doctor Watson- Smart, understated, and successful.  Will never be embarrassed but can't take the step to top dog either.

Colorado: Henry Hill- Young and successful but already seems to be on borrowed time.  Always seems to be just holding it together and could unravel at any moment.

And now for the East:

New Jersey: Bernie Lomax- Dead but very few people realize it.  Still getting by on reputation for past performances and a little voodoo (Lou-do?  Groan).  

Buffalo: John Rambo- A one man wrecking crew; will hurt you if you don't show respect but is vulnerable against an intelligent and relentless attack.  Despite seemingly possessing many offensive weapons, spends most of the time playing defense.

Pittsburgh: Cal Hockely- Has the status and the flash and the money and the girl, but doesn't realize everyone else thinks they're a douche bag.  Even when they succeed, they make people cringe.

Ottawa: Frank Abagnale, Jr.- No way they should be as good as they are and they probably shouldn't even have made it as far as they have.  Can't be considered a true success, but makes a good showing with what they've got.

Boston: Vizzini- Over-thinks and is extremely defensive.  If not for that giant behemoth protecting them people probably wouldn't even take them seriously.

Philadelphia: Any Joe Pesci character ever- Feared for violence and ruthlessness, lacks the intelligence and discipline to make it to the top.

Montreal: Indiana Jones- The recent vintage is mostly a joke.  Riding the coat tails of the past classics.  

And your Washington Capitals: The Dude- Lots of White Russians and a healthy dose of Green.  But do they have the maturity to really take shit seriously and achieve their potential?

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