Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap...

I did a more-or-less frame-by-frame breakdown of the Armstrong hit on Perreault last night.  There is no question in my mind whatsoever that it was a dirty hit, and Armstrong needs a suspension, if the Mike Green hit earlier this year deserved one, whether it was called on the ice or not.


Also, the Zebras in question need to be disciplined for NOT calling this.  See below the jump for the frame-by-frame and discussion.


1) Here we have Armstrong lining Perreault up. They appear to be about 6-7' apart.  Perreault has possession of the puck (it's behind the "You Make the Call" banner).


2) Armstrong closes in, still in a low stance.


3) Both of Armstrong's hands are still on his stick as he closes.


4) Still two-handed grip...


5) Note Armstrong's right arm coming up already, still a couple of feet away from Perreault.  His hand has left the stick.  Time on the video is 0:40.


6) Definitely holding the stick with only one hand now, but the arm is still low.


7) Note the arm coming up into Perreault's face:


8) KABONG.  Looks like fist to jaw is the first contact.  That's a roughing penalty right there.  The arm is extended.


9) Wicked follow-through ya got there, Colby...


10) Note the elbow now hitting Perreault in the side of the head.


11) More elbow...


12) Gee, his elbow's right in Perreault's ear.  And you aren't supposed to put anything sharper in there, right?  And look - neither of Armstrong's feet are on the ice.  Wow.


13) Look at Armstrong fly.  Who knew Perreault was so strong?


14) Here's another angle showing Armstrong's... arm.


15) And another, closing in...


16) WHAM!









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