Fan sportsmanship whine/rant

At the Caps-Pens game a couple weeks ago, the lady in front of us was only too happy to show off her "Crosby Sucks/Malkin Swallows" shirt. It reminded me of the urinal stickers with Crosby's face someone passed out at the playoffs last year or the year before.

I know ad hominem yo-mama jokes and suggestions about an opposing fan's parentage and their possible sexual relations with livestock are part of the sandlot mentality of sports and will never leave, but there's this line I've seen crossed lately that has me equal parts disgusted and confused.

Ignore the fact that her shirt (and others like it) are blatantly, offensively homophobic. Ignore for a second that she probably has children Crosby or Malkin's age and would be livid if they were treated similarly.

Focus instead on the fact that the slogan on her shirt has nothing to do with the game--is so jump-the-shark, in fact, that you can't even classify it as a good taunt.

It's such a lame, straw-man kind of character assassination that it does nothing but point out how poorly the wearer/taunter understands hockey--probably all sports--and certainly the concept of sportsmanship. If we're going to go that far in the Not Relevant Insults Sweepstakes, why don't we just break the good old racist, ethnic, and religious slurs out of the trunk? It makes about as much sense.

Lord knows I'm not a prude and I've got a potty-mouth problem at games. But, please, ignorant fans, leave your weird, off-target shirts, stickers, and jeers at home. Or, better yet, don't buy into them in the first place. If you want to rant, there's plenty of material right there on the ice.

Thanks, I feel better now.

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