Washington Capitals Drinking Game

A few months ago, I was watching a SJ Sharks game with a good friend of mine who lives in the SF Bay area.  He pulled up this site, suggesting we play along.  I did play along, but I also noticed that it would be very easy to modify these rules a bit to make a great Caps drinking game.

Here are a few of my initial rules, but I hope to make this a collaborative effort, so please suggest more in the comments if you like this idea.  I changed it up a bit from the original Sharks' game I linked to, and made 4 basic categories:  "Joe B. and Locker", "Players" (for rules that apply to specific players), "Fans", and "Team".  I'm sure there are lot more to add to this, especially in the "Players" section, I think we could get a pretty good list going here...

I decided to do this after searching for a list like this, but came up empty -- I even searched as best I could for similar fan shots on this site.  I found it hard to believe no one had put one of these together already, so if anyone knows of one, please feel free to link to that too.

Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin
-Drink whenever Joe B. says "[insert team] in their road whites" or "[insert team] in their home/alt [color] sweaters"
-Drink whenever Joe B. points out there's no relation to Brendan Morrison and Shaone Morrisonn
-Drink whenever Joe B. makes a reference to Craig Laughlin's Capitals days
-Drink whenever Joe B. makes fun of Locker's wardrobe
-Drink whenever Joe B. refers to a fast shot as a type munition (bullet, missile, howitzer)
-Drink whenever Joe B. refers to Ovechkin as "the Great 8"
-Drink whenever Joe B. says the words "in his own right"
-Drink whenever Locker refers to someone as a "big rig"

-Drink whenever Locker comments on Joe B. being single
-Drink whenever Locker says "kabonged"

-Drink whenever Mike Green lets what should be kept-in puck trickle past him along the boards when he's on the point (2 drinks if it's a PP).
-Drink 2 whenever Alex Semin commits an HHT penalty in the offensive zone
-Drink whenever Ovechkin lays out a big hit (add another if he scores a goal in the same shift)

-if John Carlson scores a GWG (or game-tying goal in the waning seconds of a game), sing "America, F*ck Yeah!" and finish your drink

-Drink whenever Horn Guy starts his routine
-Drink whenever Goat starts his routine
-Drink whenever the fans "whoop whoop!" an ex-Cap defenseman


-Take two drinks when the Caps score a short-handed goal
-Take two drinks when a Cap gets a major penalty
-Take two drinks when a Cap starts a fight
-Take two drinks when there's blood on the ice (add one more if it's Matt Bradley's)
-Take two drinks when a Cap breaks the glass
-Take two drinks when the opposing team pulls the starting goalie (cheers!)
-Take two drinks when the Caps pull their starting goalie (keep your spirits up!)
-Take two drinks when Joe B. or Locker refer to any other ex-Cap by name.
     Add one more drink if it's Kolzig, just because we miss him
     Add one more & pump your fist if it's any Cap that has had his number retired (Gartner, Langway, Labre, Hunter)
     Add one more drink & scream a profanity if it's Jagr
     Add one more drink if it's Joé Juneau and the clip of him scoring the GWG against the Sabres in '98 is shown
-Take 3 drinks whenever a Cap gets a hat trick (add 10 more if a player from the opposing team whines about how long it takes to clean up the hats in the post game presser).
-Take 5 drinks whenever the Caps earn the fans free chicken wings (5+ goals in a game)


*Please drink responsibly.  In no way is the creator of this post promoting the use of alcoholic beverages.  Please feel free to substitute "drinks" for any penalty you see fit if you want to play along.

If this FanPost is written by someone other than one of the blog's editors, the opinions expressed in it do not necessarily reflect those of this blog or SB Nation.

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