The Jade Donkey's 2010 Stanley Cup Predictions

I see a few upsets and a few series' that can go 7 games. Here are my predictions. I'm  going to update each round, and then get some math-head to put together my success rate. Feel free to disagree, but know that you're wrong. So sayeth the donkey.

Washington in 4: I don't think there is a team in the East that can beat the Caps 4 out of 7 times, if key Caps players stay healthy (like Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin, Green, and Laich). Montreal isn't going to like what they find coming at them. It's going to be glorious.

NJ in 6: Philly's best chance lies with Mr. Boucher. I remember Boucher in OT, wee hours of the morning, and felt sorry for him when they lost. Can he turn it on again? Maybe. NJ hasn't been too consistent. Philly will start by riding the high of having beaten NY to make it into the dance. Question is, how long till they get a tap on their shoulders? (Note, this is the only pick I don't feel 99% about. I think Philly could pul off an upset based on the way NJ has been playing recently. I don't want them too, but Richards always makes me question myself.)

Buf in 6: This one has a potential to go to 7 games. Buffalo plays good D but has some problems up front. Boston has troubles up front as well, but has a better (if not dinged up) blueline. They go to 7 because it becomes a goaltending duel, thus a low scoring affair. Miller gets the edge. I kind of hope Boston wins so that Jersey and Pitt match up in round 2, if the Pens win.

Ott in 7: Ottawa enters the post season on a high, playing well, and firing on all cylinders. Sure, not having Kovalev isn't ideal, but he wasn't doing enough to make the team better anyway. They'll be fine without him. The Pens aren't the team they were a year ago, and though they are still formidable, and you shouldn't bet against the champs, I would rather they get bounced and think Ottawa can do it. 7 because Crosby is clutch, like it or not.

Sj in 5: Colorado is young and fiery. SJ is seasoned, gritty and powerful. SJ slacks off in game 4, up 3-0. Thats the only time Colorado wins. Unless things go typically in SJ, again.

Chi in 6: Great team with formidable offense should make light work of competition. I look forward to seeing Kane and Toews play. After the Caps, Chicago is the most fun to watch.

LA in 7: It's not that Luongo is overrated, its that LA's in your face style is more suited to the playoffs than Vancouver's heavy reliance on the Sedins. Neutralize the Sedin line, things get tough for Van. I like Van, and wish them the best, but I see an upset here.

Phx in 7: I put nothing past this team. They've been consistent all season and thats why I think they'll pull off the win; they didn't eak their way into the playoffs. Detroit is healthy, and skilled, and successful, but Phoenix has three words of power to see them through: Bippity Boppity Boo.

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