Viewing Party @ The Canadian Embassy

I don't know if anyone else went to this little shindig, but a good time was had by all.  I had a friend who couldn't make it, so my brother and I went instead.  The place was absolutely packed -- at least a thousand people total.  I'd say it was about half USA, half Canada -- standing room only.

Other stuff

--Tons of Molson.  Literally tons of Molson were consumed.  It was the only alcohol they were serving, and Yanks and 'Nucks alike were throwing down like it was a frat party.  My guess is that it was mostly staffers and their plus ones, because the forty and up crowd was no where to be seen.

--I watched the game with two Marines, a guy from the English Embassy, and his girlfriend.  With six minutes left, the Brit prophesied a US tying goal with less than forty-five seconds in regulation.  Very impressive.  He also called the Crosby GWG with nine minutes left in OT, so he was only off by a few minutes.  Very, very impressive.    

--How the hell is it that Americans didn't think of french fries and gravy?  I'd never had it, but now that I have, if I had to choose between a barrel of french fries and gravy, and a vile of heroin, I'd only barely choose the dope.  I don't know how many tubs I put back, but it was unseemly, I'm sure.  That stuff was amazing. 

--Elliot Segal was there.  We had a nice little conversation.

--Finally, the place was LOUD.  They had a bunch of flat screens and a projector in the main room, and the place blew up each time someone scored.  When the US tied it in the final minute, I couldn't hear myself yelling.  Everyone was going apeshit crazy, jumping around and hugging each other.  Chants of "USA USA" sounded off sporadically throughout the afternoon, with two guys in Uncle Sam outfits leading the chorus.  Then Canada won.  My ears are ringing right now.

It was a tough loss to be sure, but I definitely had a good time watching such a beautifully played game.

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