Hoping for/against the president's trophy

So... Now that the Olympics are winding down, let me get back on a Caps related question for everyone:

*Do you want the Caps to win the President's Trophy?*

You'd think that everyone would answer yes, but this question has popped up from time to time and a surprisingly large amount of people have said "no". For me.. it's a YES for two reasons

1) The obvious: The honor. It would just be nice to be able to raise one more banner in VC

2) The most important reason: HOME ICE advantage for the *entire* playoff run. Not only is this good for the team's morale but it's also great for us, the fans. It means there are THAT many more games we'll be able to purchase tickets for. The Caps are happy, Ted will be happy, and we the fans will be happy.

Now.. the two biggest reasons I've heard AGAINST wanted to win the prez trophy are:

1) Superstition: Everyone keeps bringing up that for the most part, the prez cup trophy winners haven't been the Stanley Cup winners. Well.. that may be true, but they still have a higher % of Stanley Cup wins than any other placed team over the past 10-20 years (If someone wants to dig through a post from about 3 months ago that talks about this I'd really appreciate it). Sure they may only have won the cup 25-30% of the time, but I'll take those odds over 15%, 10, 5, etc.

2) The Caps' heads would grow too big. I'm not a superstitious person so I tend to scoff at #1, but #2 definitely holds water. We've seen the caps "take the foot off the gas pedal" too many time. Enough that that this should be at least a minimal concern. Although, I don't know about you guys, but I think they've matured a bit this season. Personally, I think the Caps have finally humbled themselves to learn how to play a solid 60 minutes of hockey. I believe that this humility will carry over into a full series, not just a full game. But that's just me.

Are there any other people who have different reasons for hoping for/against the prez trophy?

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