Alex Semin, (among) Best Bang for the Buck

JP's link to the Rocket Richard analysis in today's clips really semi-shocked me when I saw Alex Semin's name at the bottom of the list.  I know the kid is good, (and I am firmly in his camp) but I was really surprised to see the list of names that he is with.  It occurred to me.  Hey, aren't these some of the most highly paid guys in the league?  So I figured I'd give it a look.

Some numbers after the jump.

Player Goals 09-10 Sallary Goals/M Age 2009 Goals/G Career Goals/G Pts/G  
Alex Ovechkin 42 9.0M 4.7 23 0.78 0.69 1.35  
Sidney Crosby 42 9.0M 4.7 21 0.69 0.5 1.35  
Patrick Marleau 38 6.3M 6.0 29 0.61 0.34 0.72  
Steven Stamkos 35 3.7M 9.5
19 0.57 0.41 0.83  
Marian Gaborik 35 7.5M 4.7 27 0.6 0.45 0.9  
Dany Heatley 32 8.0M 4.0 28 0.52 0.51 1.07  
Ilya Kovalchuk 32 7.5M 4.3 26 0.58 0.55 1.03  
Alexander Semin 30 5.0M
(6.0M in 2010-11)
(5.0 in 2010-11)
25 0.57 0.45 0.92  


Unless you're SUPER new 'round these here parts, you know we at the Rink have had many discussions (too many to link to) of the relative worth of Alex Semin, and all the intangibles that he brings, both good and bad. And BELIEVE me I'm tired of this debate, and have no interest in re-openeing this particular can of worms, but numbers like these just jump off the page at you.

My thoughts (in no particular order):

  • Stamkos is on his rookie contract, so the numbers are grotesque.  But, he's proving himself to be a stud, and is likely going to be paid VERY well. So his numbers will even out... perhaps with the others in the 4.x Goals / Million range?
  • Semin (along with Marleau) is WAY the leader amongst the rest in Goals / Million.  Even with his upgraded one-year contract for next season, he's a hell of a bargain.
  • Marleau is well above his career pace in both Goals / Game and Goals / Million, but it's not unreasonable to expect him to continue to prosper with his new high-powered team/line mates.  He too is a bargain, but 4 years older.
  • Clearly Semin is a goal scorer, but he is also verry strong in points per game, and stacks up pretty well with the elite players in this list (and probably the league?).  This from a guy who plays almost exclusively on the second line.  I think stronger regular linemates would get that number up too since he's a ridiculous passer.  Again...  way undervalued.

I'm making no assessment of his OVERALL value to the club here, as that entails all kinds of other items, but as far as purely goals (and points), he's even better than the stud I thought he was.  How bout you all?

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