Who do you want, and what would you give up?

Well with the break settling in and only a few days of Olympic hockey in said break, I have been thinking (as we all have, I'm sure) about the trade deadline and what moves we'd like to see GMGM make.  There's been a lot of talk about which defenseman we should trade for (defense being our #1 concern), but not much from what I've seen in discussion about what we're willing to give up.

To those who are in the camp of "don't mess with team chemistry"/"our defense is fine!  just look at the streak!" I kindly point you to this excellent fanpost: Analysis - Takeaways From the Streak.  Return after you've read it and discuss.

For me, particularly, I'm a fan of Dan Hamhuis as our upgrade on the blue line - he's a solid shut down defenseman, and a team like the Predators can afford to give him away due to their excellent depth at the defenseman position.  I assume that David Poile would want a replacement defenseman (The Cost of Dan Hamhuis) in addition to at least one forward to spark the Predators lacking offense.  With these details in mind, there are, in my mind, a couple of trade scenarios.  For the return defenseman, I think it would either be Brian Pothier or Shaone Morrisonn.  Green and Schultz aren't going anywhere, Poti is currently our veteran defenseman, and Erskine/Sloan aren't exactly what  Nashville's GM is looking for, to say the least.  Since they're looking for someone to play big minutes, I say ShaMo goes.  He's played big minutes with Green, and while he's clearly a downgrade for them, they'll take it because they don't need another puck mover like Pothier.

Then it becomes tricky.  What forward do we send, if at all?  Do we send a prospect?  A draft pick?  How much is Hamhuis (or any defenseman) worth for rental?  My suggestion (for Hamhuis specifically) is either Fehrsie (which, admittedly, would depress me a tad bit, but he has fallen out of favor with Gabby it seems) or a prospect like Francois Bouchard.  If necessary, I'm not opposed to sending a draft pick in addition, maybe second round.

So, my verdict:

Caps get:  Dan Hamhuis

Preds get: Shaone Morrisonn, Eric Fehr/Francois Bouchard, 2nd Round draft pick (possibly)


So, my question to you:  Who would you pick as the defenseman we need/want, and what would you trade for him, realistically?  Your decision may factor in us trading for a second line center, back up goalie, etc.  Please provide reasoning for your trade suggestions - if you still think we're fine, tell me why. 

So Rink Rats - What say you?

Note: Been lurking for a while, but I'm interested to know what you all think so I'm joining the fray.  I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for making the best community on a sports blog I've ever seen.  You guys rock.

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