Final Details | Japers' Rink "Pre-Winter Classic" Classic Pick-Up Game, 12.30.2010


Please check FanPost for additional information...

We have 20-25 skaters and 2 goalies accounted for.

Killer_Carlson (goalie)
Fullright (goalie)
Steckel Me Elmo
Lurker Rink Rabbit
Fehr And Balanced (1)
Sct112 (1)
Christoph J (+3)

Playing Rink Rats/Rabbits bring:
Cash if you haven’t paid; a dark jersey and a white jersey; a water bottle; whatever equipment you think you need to wear.

Non-Playing Rink Rats/Rabbits bring:
Tinfoil hats, signs, haterade, assorted obsceneties, F-bombs, heckling, cheers, cameras, hats to toss on the ice for hat tricks, puck bunny shirts and wear (applicable to Rink Rabbits only, unless you’re into that kind of thing), porcupines, the Goat, the Horn Guy, the Capstronaut, whatever …

A Word On Hitting:
Same as the last three pick-up games. General guidelines per Fehr And Balanced… "No kill shots, nothing out of control, nothing that could get someone hurt. Take a few minutes to figure out where the competitive level is at before you take the body. Try to just play physical with people in your own skill set." Further clarification per David Getz… "Hitting to displace the man from the puck is okay; anything more than that isn’t." And some sage advice from JordanDC… "Also, don’t give it if you can’t take it." Fair enough?

Any douchebag (i.e. Avery, Cooke, Kaleta, Lapierre, Orpik, Briere, Carcillo, etc) -esque behavior will not be tolerated and will result in justifiably being Evander Kane’d by Sct112. Consider yourself sufficiently warned.

Last But Not Least:
Players take the ice at the Capitals Rink and puck drops at 7:45pm. As soon as I confirm which locker room we will be using, I will post it here but I’m pretty sure it’s locker room 5 or 6. Whoever gets there first, go ahead and ask for the key. Also I will ask the front desk to direct those playing to that locker room in case you are still unsure or forget when you arrive. Skate sharpening, equipment, etc are available at the relocated pro-shop which is up on the observation floor. Blah, blah, blah, blah…That said, see you all this evening.

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