Rink Pick up game Recap: White 12, Dark 4 (approximate)

After a spectacular show-down on Saturday, a nameless lurker and SeattleCapsFan got together to write the traditional Japers' Rink (approximate) ten-point Recap.  This recap is from our spectator perspective: biased, ill-informed, random, and somewhat influenced by a terrible shopping experience at the one and only Ballston Common Mall (SCF note: I did not, nor would I ever, partake in said shopping experience).  Here are some highlights from the game, and the Caps-viewing party that followed:

  • Marcus Johansson made a surprise appearance, although he didn't steal the show like one might have expected.  Despite his Backstrom-like qualities when playing with the big leagues, he fit right in at the pick-up game with beginners and beer-leaguers alike.
  • There were two females in the mix, CapitalCentre and .... Kudos to them for holding their own. You inspired the 3 spectators to possibly think about maybe learning how to skate/play hockey. Also, I'm pretty sure one of the girls scored on zephyr late in the third.  Niiiiiiiice.
  • Props to chockster, who despite allowing approximately 12 goals turned away 294 additional shots for a save% of .961.  It is unfortunate that this goalie performance would then mirror the one given by Tim Thomas several hours later.
  • An additional props to Link_Gaetz, who successfully managed to avoid pulling a DrinkingPartner despite the copious amounts of alcohol he allegedly over-indulged in the night before.
  • Speaking of Link_Gaetz, thanks to him and docciavelli for joining in.  Despite your misplaced NHL loyalties, it's always good to have you involved.
  • At one point, directly in front of the spectators, F&B landed a "clean" hit on jordanDC, sending the unsuspecting victim hard to the ice. Only five stitches were required, and he heroically returned to the game after some Belanger-like dentist work on the bench.
  • While we're on un-called infractions, zephyr got away with quite a few crease-clearing, poke-checking tripping penalties.  What a goon.
  • And speaking of zephyr, what was he thinking when he skated out to the blue line to play the puck? Who does he think is is, Marty B?
  • For those of you who were losing sleep over the "Case of DrinkingPartner's missing sock"...said sock has been found.
  • And what is the deal with the Ballston Mall? Why didn't everyone warn us, I mean REALLY warn us, that this was no place to Christmas shop, let alone KILL TIME, for 3 hours before the Caps game? (SCF note: Clarendon Market Commons is a much better choice for any N. Arlington shopping sprees)
  • Despite the disappointing result of the Caps-Bruins game, good times were still had at Bailey's.  On that note, I don't care what holiday(s) you celebrate...a barroom full of drunk Santas will always and forever be uber creepy.
  • Did you know you can become a drinking SuperStar by giving out your email address at Bailey's? Red carpet treatment and all. Seriously, they will EMPTY the bar for you so it's like you have the place to yourself.  Just ask Natasha...I mean Natalia...I mean Irina...I mean whoever the blond Russian/Ukrainian waitress was.
  • On a more somber note, toward the end of 90 minutes of play quite a few spectators gathered to watch the pickup game while waiting for the Brian St. Louis Family Fund Charity exhibition game to start.  It was incredible to see the outpouring of support for this very young family after such a tragic event.

Overall, the pickup game was a great success.  And thanks again to Christoph J for organizing.


-SeattleCapsFan and a nameless lurker.

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