Recap of Caps/Flames Game -- October 30, 2010

Given that no recap has taken place, I figured it was time to do so.  Caps won the contest 7-2 in spite of a VERY ugly start. 


The lines for the Capitals started with a very different look than from recent games, with a shakeup from top to bottom.  Alex Semin was moved up to the top line with Ovechkin and Backstrom.  Knuble sent down to the second line with Fleischmann and Laich, with Laich centering the line.  The third line featured Boyd Gordon, returning after nearly an absence of nearly a week for mysterious reasons, being flanked by Chimera and Bradley.  The fourth line included Steckel, Hendricks, and DJ King, who had been a scratch for the last three games, at least.  Eric Fehr and Matt Perreault were  healthy scratches.

Calgary wasted no time in scoring the first goal.  A shot by Jokinen with an assist by Bouwmeester less than a minute into the contest, with the Caps' top line on the ice.  Not the way to start.

First period miseries continued, with the Caps looking VERY bad on a power play and giving the Flames not one but two short handed opportunities.  Luckily, the Flames didn't score but it was scary.  Then, nearly half way through the period, Glencross scored on a slap shot, putting the visitors down by 2 and most Caps fans at home resigned to it being a very long night.

But wait.....all was not lost:

Things got much better for the Caps


  • Backstrom scores a power play goal at 15:22 to put the Caps within 1
  • And then came the second period when Calgary took two penalties, first a too many men on the ice penalty followed by a tripping penalty by Glencross.  So, the Caps were on a 5 on 3 and a golden opportunity to score.  Ovi delivered not one goal but two goals to put the Caps ahead.  The Caps' power play could not have erupted in a more timely manner.  He received assists from Green and Backstrom on the first goal and Chimera and Semin on the second.  Ovi's two goals set a team record for the fastest goals in the shortest period of time.
  • Green gets an "insurance" goal about half way through the period, making the score 4-2.  This is his first goal of the year!  And second goal from a Caps' defenseman.
  • Things get worse for Calgary when Sarich accidentally puts the goal in his own net.  Bradley gets credit for the Caps' 5th goal.  And Coach Sutter calls a time out to try to collect the troops.  He also puts in their backup goalie and takes out Kiprusoff.
  • Before the period's over, Semin gets a goal and Steckel scores on a penalty shot while Calgary was on a power play.  (Is it my imagination or does Steckel seem to score more in games that are already out of hand?)
  • There were no goals for either team during the last period but Kiprusoff returned.  Towards the end of the game, Boudreau did not use his top line and rolled out the "bottom" three lines.

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