JRHL Standings and Recaps 1/4

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Cab Ride With Citizen Kane 72 60 8 .543 --
Natty's Ice 71 63 6 .529 2
Dale City Magi 65 65 10 .500 6
Deb's Goon Emporium 60 63 17 .489 7.5
Disgruntled Goats 60 69 11 .468 10.5


Two Prongered Assault 91 37 12 .693 --
My Jokes Getzlafs 80 50 10 .607 12
Team Pervertedlyslow 69 57 14 .543 21
Prestige Worldwide 54 73 13 .432 36.5
The Royal Tenenbaums 45 81 14 .371 45


Gould's Grinders 90 39 11 .682 --
Two Bit Crew 84 48 8 .629 7.5
Ice Warriors X 62 67 11 .482 28
Winnipeg Jets 50 77 13 .404 39
Let's Go Whalers! 42 86 12 .343 47.5


Harrisonburg Dukes 72 60 8 .543 --
Don't Toews Me Sombrero 64 67 9 .489 7.5
Champaign Ice Beagles 55 74 11 .432 15.5
Polar Bear Rebellion 51 70 19 .432 15.5
Williamsburg Face Wash 47 78 15 .389 21.5


Something to note; if two of the division leaders, the Harrisonburg Dukes and my own team, Cab Ride with Citizen Kane, were in the Labre division, we'd be 21 categories back of Two Prongered Assault and almost that far behind Gould's Grinders. So thanks be to the random number generator that stuck me in this division!


Cab Ride With Citizen Kane vs. Deb's Goon Emporium: 6-3-1

Team Rosebud once again got an outstanding week from its namesake at 2g, 4a, +3, 1ppg and 14 shots. He and Shea Weber (The D-man of 1g, 1ppg, 4a, and 20 shots) helped their team go 6-0-1 in the skating categories, in spite of a solid week from Andrew Brunette. However, the fearsome goalie combination of Marty Turco and Pekka Rinne was too much to overcome in the goalie stats; the Goon Squad swept wins, sv% and gaa.

Dale City Magi vs. Ice Warriors X: 9-0-1

Dale City, bringin' the funk and bringin' the thunder! Bobby Lou went 2-0-1 in the goalie categories, with a typically solid week - a 1.92 gaa and a .927 sv% to go with his two wins. The Dale City skaters were no less impressive, sweeping every category this week behind an absurd +15 rating for the week and an absolute monster of a week from Rene Bourque. Get a load of this statline - 4g, 2a, +5, 10 PIM, 1ppg and 18 shots. Wow.

Williamsburg Face Wash vs. Let's Go Whalers!: 5-3-2

Even though this matchup came out close in the final score, on further inspection it was even closer; only 1a and 8 shots separated the two teams and goals and ppgs both finished tied with 7 and 2, respectively. The real difference make? Carey Price. 2 games started, but he played incredibly well; .980 gaa and a gaudy .969 sv%. Is this another situation in which the starter doesn't feel secure and so elevates his game, a la JT60?

Two Bit Crew vs. Champaign Ice Beagles: 5-5-0

Another very, very close matchup, it was uncharacteristically low scoring for a fantasy matchup - only 5 goals between the two teams for the whole week and only a single ppg between the two. Speaking of gaudy goaltending numbers: 2BC ended the week with a .616 gaa. Ellipsis.

Gould's Grinders vs. Polar Bear Rebellion: 9-1-0

I've been saying for a couple of weeks now that the GG lineup is scary from top to bottom, especially with Miller in the pipes and Andrei Markov healthy and producing above even his own formidable standards. 5 assists, +2, 6pim and more than 24:30 of ice per night. You know what's scary? He's not even the best fantasy blueliner on that team. Mike Green scoffs at Markov with 29:00 ATOI for the week to go with 2 ppgs. None of the categories were really that close, tough week for the Rebellion as some of her skaters underperformed what they're capable of pretty badly, especially Paul Stastny, who finished with 1a and 6 shots in 3 games.

Harrisonburg Dukes vs. Winnipeg Jets: 7-2-1

Kiprusoff. Damn. 2-0 with a 1.00gaa and .967 sv%. What is it with hot goalies this week? The skating categories were close - just 1 assist and 1 ppg decided those categories for the Dukes. Sometimes the breaks just fall your way (having been on both sides of those breaks, it happens a lot) and you get the matchup points you need. The Dukes continue to sit atop their division, after Don't Toews Me Sombrero slipped again.

Prestige Worldwide vs. Don't Toews Me Sombrero: 5-4-1

The story here? Once again, 1 point margins. 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 ppg a piece for the tie - this was every bit as close as the score indicates. Less Eric Staal's outburst against the Caps, DTMS may have taken this matchup.

Team Pervertedlyslow vs. The Royal Tenenbaums: 8-1-1

My theory for this one is that Ilya Kovalchuk stole all of Evgeni Malkin's mojo. Malkin went 0g, 0a, -7(!) for the week, in stark contrast with Kovalchuk: 3g, 3a, +4 and a ppg. Other interesting stat of the week: Tomas Vokoun had a .922 sv% and finished with a 3.5 gaa. How bad must Florida's defensive breakdowns be?

Two Prongered Assault vs. Natty's Ice: 5-3-2

In spite of Nabby's excellent week, the early week game from Jimmy Howard was enough to win the Ice 2 of its 3 categories both in goaltending and overall. Not a single ppg from either team this week and Alex Kovalev's heroics yesterday against the Flyers pulled Natty into a tie for goals. One stat that concerns me? Alex Ovechkin's ATOI for the week is 24:56. I really, REALLY hope that's a mistake on ESPN's part. Because if not, it's a huge mistake on Boudreau's part. Even a forward as great at AO can't skate that many minutes and remain effective for long. It will wear him down for the post season.

My Jokes Getzlafs vs. Disgruntled Goats: 5-5-0

Two stories here; MAF (shelled by the Cats) and Loui Ericksson with 5 goals on the week. In 3 games. Even if you don't contribute anything else to your team that week (and he didn't), that's enough to win a category almost singlehandedly. Versteeg had a good bounceback week after throwing a major goose egg the prior week against CRWCK, perhaps he can climb out of Quenville's doghouse yet.

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