Green's Suspension - What They're Saying

Taking a quick swing 'round the hockeysphere to see how Mike Green's three-game suspension is playing. Please feel free to add additional links and thoughts in the comments:

Japers' Rink reax


Capitals Insider: Reax from Green, Coach Boudreau, and Brooks Laich.  Notable:  Coach Boudreau's use of the word 'Livid".  In a similar echo of Ovechkin's suspension and the word "reckless", it has been picked up by the Twittersphere.


Washington Examiner:  A little more analysis, lengthier reax from Green, a word or two from Jeff Schultz and Brooks revises and extends his remarks:

"Obviously we don't want to lose Greenie. I don't know if he was going play anyway after that knee-on-knee collision. But at some point you have to take control of the game and protect the players. You see what happened in junior hockey [the recent Patrice Cormier incident in the QMJHL]. At some point you have to make a statement where there's not a gray area. You can't hit to the head. It's black or white. You hit to the head you're going to get suspended. We don't want to lose Greenie, but at the same time I think it's important that our league enforces punishment for hits to the head."

Laich went on to discuss - in more general terms and not necessarily about Green's specific incident - what happens during a game when a player takes what he feels in an unacceptable hit and reacts emotionally.

"Nobody likes to get run. It's embarrassing when someone puts you on your seat," Laich said. "So then the emotions kind of get going and you look for someone that's maybe in a vulnerable position to take out you frustration. I'm guilty of it, and every other player in the league is guilty of it. But you also have to be careful that you don't permanently injure that player or do something to injure them."


Craig Custance: " In this case, the Norris Trophy finalist from last season certainly isn’t getting any of the star treatment some have accused the NHL of using in the past."  Plus a closer look at Brooks Laich's comments.

Russian Machine Never Breaks speculates on Mike's plans for the next week and offers a poll.  Plus the cutest Green-with-tiny-baby picture you'll see on this or any other day.


Is the NHL getting pressure from Her Majesty's Government? convenes a panel. And a quote from Mike Knuble I hadn't seen elsewhere.


OFB has some questions.


DC Sports Rant has a, well, rant.


The Hockey Writers took note.  Is that picture supposed to be significant?


CBC runs the wire story.  Comments are a mixed bag.


Real Clear Sports thought the original penalty was a bit light.




Redskins fan - not pleased

Leafs fan - not getting it. Truculence!

Pens fan - not surprising

HockeyJoe - not a Caps fan, ever

Luke-jackson10 - #needsmoreTwitter

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