JHRL Standings and Recaps, 1/18

This would have been up Monday, but I was too busy mashing posts out in the PPP fundraiser GDT.


Recaps and Standings after the jump; this is my weekly entreaty for those of us who browse with a mobile device. Please make use of the jump if your post is of any substance, having to scroll through a bajillion pictures or paragraph upon paragraph isn't a happy thing.

Cab Ride With Citizen Kane 86 66 8 .563 --
Natty's Ice 80 70 10 .531 5
Dale City Mages 75 72 13 .509 8.5
Disgruntled Goats 69 79 12 .469 15
Deb's Goon Emporium 66 76 18 .469 15
Two Prongered Assault 104 43 13 .691 --
My Jokes Getzlafs 94 54 12 .625 10.5
Team Pervertedlyslow 80 64 16 .550 22.5
Prestige Worldwide 60 84 16 .425 42.5
The Royal Tenenbaums 48 96 16 .350 54.5
Gould's Grinders 103 44 13 .684 --
Two Bit Crew 89 62 9 .584 16
Ice Warriors X 69 79 12 .469 34.5
Winnipeg Jets 58 88 14 .406 44.5
Let's Go Whalers! 45 101 14 .325 57.5
Harrisonburg Dukes 86 66 8 .563 --
Polar Bear Rebellion 68 73 19 .484 12.5
Don't Toews Me Sombrero 71 78 11 .478 13.5
Champaign Ice Beagles 64 82 14 .444 19
Williamsburg Face Wash 53 91 16 .381 29


Cab Ride With Citizen Kane vs. Winnipeg Jets: 7-3-0

CRWCK swept the skating categories, but man did Backstrom ever suck in the game he started. We're talking the Islanders of last season bad. Yanked with a GAA over 6 and a SV% that barely cracks .800. Actually, I didn't watch that game, so I can't say whether he was that bad or hung out to dry, but yeesh. The Jets just couldn't generate any shots on net; their best total for the week was Zdeno Chara with 8, while CRWCK had 3 separate players hit 13 for the week and another two get 9 or better.

Champaign Ice Beagles vs. Dale City Mages: 4-4-2

Alex Burrows might act like a jerk, but he's been an absolute monster for DCM this season - after his dual hat trick performance last week, he followed up with 4 goals and 22 PIM for the week to go with a +2 and 9 shots in just 3 games. Martin Brodeur saved the matchup for the Beagles with gaudy numbers, but how does he only get 1 win out of 3 starts with a .938 SV%? Something's rotten in Newark, over and above the neighborhood the Rock is in. Both of these guys had a huge number of starts for their skaters; 35 for DCM and 34 for CIB which lead to some crazy high numbers in some categories - 23 assists for the CIB comes to mind.

Polar Bear Rebellion vs. Williamsburg Face Wash: 7-3-0

Some of the skating categories were actually very close, especially SOG, where the WFW took a 70-68 category victory. Erik Johnson only getting 15 minutes of ATOI for the week probably cost the PBR a shot at that cat for the week too, but the real story was Chris Mason. How's this for a week: 3 starts, 2 goals against for the whole week and a .971 SV%. Coaching change having an effect? We'll see if he keeps up his high level of performance, but I have trouble believing a team that's been this bad all season will totally turn a corner like that.

Harrisonburg Dukes vs. Ice Warriors X: 7-3-0

GMIW is probably looking at the skating cats and doing their best Tom Jackson impression: "C'mon, Man!" -5 and 5 SOG in 4 games for Mikko Koivu. -2, 1A and 0G for Zach Parise in 3 games. 1A, 6 SOG and -2 for Alex Goligoski in 4 games. Ouch. Once again, ICX has an uncharacteristically bad week in +/-. However bad the skaters were, Craig Anderson stepped up big time with two wins in two starts and a .964 SV%. Poor Miika Kiprusoff has to be wondering where his goal support is, almost as badly as Henrik Lundqvist is in NYC. 2 starts, 3 GA, .929 SV% and no wins. Ouch.

Let's Go Whalers! vs. Don't Toews Me Sombrero: 3-5-2

The Whalers got 57 PIMS this week. Really. How? How does Bobby Ryan get 31 PIM in one week? We're sure he and Corey Perry didn't switch uniforms in-between periods? I'm not. Timmy Thomas was the difference in what was otherwise a fairly even matchup: 3-3-1 in the skating categories, but 0-2-1 in the goalies after the Team USA selection beat Carey Price's numbers pretty badly. Both teams only managed a single PP tally for the week. Need help with that? I know a team that has 61 for the year while no one else has broken 50. Ahem.

Team Pervertedlyslow vs. Two Bit Crew: 7-2-1

2BC only managed to grab 3A for the entire week between Duncan Keith, Tomas Kaberle and Tobias Enstrom. They're usually among the leaders in A, so seeing only 10A as a total was a bit surprising and PS was able to take advantage. Brad Stuart's only redeeming grace for PS was 24:11 minutes of ice. Otherwise, he was 0G, 0A, -6 and only 4 SOG in 4 games. Skating wise, PS is getting contributions up and down the lineup - Thornton, Kovalchuk are producing prodigiously and Hossa is really fitting into the Chicago nicely. Special recognition for Kovalchuk's week: 3G, 3A, +5 and 14 shots in 3 games. If the Thrash miss the playoffs, it's not going to be Ilya's fault.

Gould's Grinders vs. Natty's Ice: 5-3-2

Natty seems to have finally found himself an elite goalie. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for me, this week), his elite goalie isn't as elite as Ryan Miller. I'm getting really, really tired of singing Miller's praises in these recaps, but he keeps putting up obscene numbers. Like, every week. Ryan, really, it's okay to stumble once in a while. Get it out of your system now, we need you to play your best for the Olympics. a 1.425 GAA and a .958 SV% aren't even especially noteworthy for Miller, but those are winning numbers just about every week. GG continues to get tremendous production out of its blueline while the Ice keep cranking out the SOG despite a roster that I wouldn't have identified as shot happy at first glance. 2G, 3A and a +1 with 17 SOG from Hank Z gets the NIMVP for the week. He'd have pulled off the upset if it weren't for that meddling goalie.

Disgruntled Goats vs. Prestige Worldwide: 5-4-1

Dwayne Roloson got 1 start this week. His stats? 0.00 GAA. Poor DG, Lundy posted a .98 GAA and a .969 SV% in 3 games this week and came out with 1 win and went 0-2-1 in the goalie categories. Sometimes, life is unfair. Alex Semin was the man this week for the Goats: 2G, 4A, 12 SOG, +4 and a PPG. Nice. Dan Boyle gets an honorable mention with 10PIM, 1G, 3A, 14 SOG and 24+ of ATOI for the week and the combined performances of those two was nearly enough to give the Goats a sweep in the skater categories. Only PPG and ATOI fell the way of PWW, but that'll happen when you only get 21 games out of your skaters and your opponent gets 32.

My Jokes Getzlafs vs. The Royal Tenenbaums: 8-1-1

1 better in +/- and 1 better in PIMs. Elite teams find a way to win those close matchups and let it be known that MJG is an elite team, in spite of some ridiculous injuries to key components and a couple of underperformers. I'm putting out an APB for the whereabouts of Ryan Malone. What happened to the guy that was lighting the lamp on the regular earlier in the season? Aren't crease-crasher types supposed to be more consistent that mercurial perimeter players? Not that I'm complaining; one of the few games I've been to was G6 of the 2003 playoffs against the 'Ning. Eff that team and eff their flag-waving fans. Another note: Nick Lidstrom woke up this week - 2G, 3A, +3, 1PPG and 25:44 ATOI. That's more like what we're used to seeing from one of the best D-men to ever lace 'em up.

Two Prongered Assault vs. Deb's Goon Emporium: 7-2-1

Speaking of elite teams, the President's Trophy contending 2PA squad just keeps rolling along. Skaters not named Ovechkin having a bad week? It's cool dude, Nabby will bail you out. Or rather, the D in front of Nabby, but the stats go to the goalie. 2PA had not a single player with fewer than 7 SOG for the week. Ridiculous. The silky-smooth super-Swede was the bright spot for the Emporium this week, going 1G, 3A, +2. A sorely needed bright spot, because Deb got absolutely no help from Marty Turco or Pekka Rinne. They combined for a 4.07 GAA and a .884 SV% for the week - not good enough, boys. You're going to have to pick it up if you want to play in the crease for a playoff squad.

Potential Playoff Matchups:

(1) 2PA vs. (4) CRWCK 7-3-0

G(8,11) A(22,19) +/-(-9,4) PIM(20,18) PPG(2,7) ATOI(21:15, 21:14) SOG(107,88) Goalies: W(2,0) GAA(.975,6.09) SV%(.969,LOW)

2PA would have taken this matchup pretty easily - just about every close skating category would have fallen his way (1s in the ATOI? 2 PIM? 2A? Argh). Add that to Nabby's stellar week and the final score is ugly, even if the stats weren't quite so awful.

(2) GG vs. (3) HD 6-4-0

G(8,9) A(16,15) +/-(-7,6) PIM(16,30) PPG(5,4) ATOI(21:32, 19:46) SOG(67,83) Goalies: W(1,0) GAA(1.425,1.458) SV%(.9577,.9286)

GMGOD leans on Miller again for a potential playoff win, after losing the skating categories 4-3 with some very tight margins (1A, 1 PPG). Miller was juuuust better than Kipper and that'd have been enough to eliminate the Dukes (.03 better GAA, 1 more win, 3% better SV%)


Sorry about the delay, school is back in session and I've been dealing with callouts and manager vacation at work. Enjoy this week in fantasy hockey!

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