A minority of one

I realize I am quite likely in a minority of one but I am starting to get agitated that Nyls can't even get a game in the preseason.  It smacks of retribution and mean spiritedness as well as making little to no strategic sense IMO.


Nyls might not be (and is quite likely not) your first choice to start in the regular season but if 19 or 9 (or god forbid both) get hurt it'd be nice if Nyls' last competitive game was not in April.  And isn't now the time to at least experiment with him so you can see if he is any better than last year or if he and Knuble actually have any chemistry or to experiment again with him on the wing to see if that works any better?


Anybody think the Caps need to see more of Laing to know what skill set he brings because there is still some uncertainty?  Anybody think there is a realistic chance that Perreault, Wilson or Sugden are in the running to make the team out of Camp?


And how can you trade him/loan him/whatever if the last impression anyone has of him is from 6 months ago?  Are the Caps really concerned about a further decrease in his value?


And do you think other players around the league are not paying attention to this and wondering to themselves if redemption is just not part of the Capitals lexicon?


I am hardpressed to think of any legitimate reason why Nyls is not being given at least the chance to show that he is not the player he was last year.  If Giroux is extended that privilege (and extended and extended) why not Nyls?


I think there is no more pressing question for the Caps this season that what to do with Nyls and his cap hit- far more pressing than any lingering questions regarding Osala or A. Gordon.  I will be the first stand up and say Nyls sucks if- when given a chance- he performs like last year.  But if Omsk is no longer an option (assuming it ever was), then there are only two options- find some way to make his cap hit count for something positive or entice another team to take him.


Not playing him at all, even in the preseason- no, make that especially in the preseason- accomplishes neither of those goals and therefore seems like the most counterproductive option available.  


Someone straighten me out because this smells like more than a purely hockey decision.  And if so, that really sucks. Nyls may not be your favorite player but he deserves better than that.


Unleash the dogs of war and let the bashing begin.

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