The Ones That Got Away

via Warner Photography

As we noted in this morning's Clips, today is Andrew Brunette's birthday. The Caps' second seventh round pick in 1993 (after Daniel Hendrickson) has had a heck of an NHL career for a guy who was left unprotected (and was subesquently taken) in the 1998 NHL Expansion Draft - his next point will be his 600th, and, barring a major injury, he'll play his 900th NHL game some time this upcoming season.

All of this got us wondering - which Caps' draft pick has scored the most points for a team other than the Caps? We're more curious as to who have been "the ones that got away" than which players gave the Caps a number of great years before moving on, so you won't see guys like Mike Gartner (546 points for other teams), Scott Stevens (479), or Ryan Walter (369) on this list. Here, then, is a list of the top ten non-Cap point totals for Caps draftees, with a minimum of 80% of the player's career games played being for someone other than the Caps:

Player Total NHL GP Caps GP Total NHL Pts Non-Caps Pts
Andrew Brunette 868 62 599 559
Jason Allison 552 84 485 456
Dean Evason 803 19 372 365
Trent Klatt 782 0 343 343
Jason Woolley 718 37 314 308
Bill Houlder 846 79 250 235
Paul Cavallini 564 101 233 213
Tim Taylor 746 0 167 167
Kris King 849 0 151 151
Nick Boynton 505 0 128 128

So Brunette's your big winner. A few other notes:

  • Ranking by point totals undervalues guys like Evason and Taylor (grinders who never put up huge point totals) and defensemen, generally - 700+ NHL games played is nothing to sneeze at. But these guys are fairly easily replaced, and the two at the top are easily the most gifted, offensively.
  • The next guy to make it on this list will probably be Johnny Oduya, whose 233 games played and 66 points have all come for the Devils.
  • The other guys that would have made this list without the "80%" criterion are Bobby Carpenter (333 non-Cap points), Dmitri Khristich (296), Robert Picard (267), Kevin Hatcher (251), Richard Zednik (245), Sergei Gonchar (218), Gaetan Duchesne (208), Stephen Leach (186), Jan Bulis (157) and Keith Jones (131).
  • The goalie version of this list would only feature Byron Dafoe (405 of his 415 NHL games being played for teams other than the Caps) and Peter Sidorkiewicz (246-for-246).

There's your spilled milk list - not much to cry over, is there?

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