Standard deviation of the Rink's Wrap votes

In addition to the average rating, which is obviously calculated taking average over all votes, another useful parameter to look at is the standard deviation of the voting results which is denoted as σ. Basically, it shows how (non)uniform the fans are in their votes -- the larger standard deviation, the wider opinions and votes on a specific player. So, fitting all results as of this morning (06/25/2009) with a normal (Gaussian) distribution that gives both the average value and the standard deviation (and by the way, the fit quality is mostly excellent), we come to the following list ordered by σ:

Player standard
Backstrom .865 8.52
Green .892 8.58
Semin .900 7.63
Laich .914 7.97
Steckel .982 7.87
Jurcina 1.00 6.30
Ovechkin 1.09 9.69
Alzner 1.13 6.73
Johnson 1.19 6.93
Varlamov 1.19 8.86
Gordon 1.21 6.17
Erskine 1.24 6.58
Bradley 1.26 6.41
Morrisohn 1.27 4.65
Sloan 1.37 7.09
Clark 1.39 2.65
Fehr 1.39 5.48
Kozlov 1.40 4.85
Poti 1.41 5.94
Fleischmann 1.42 5.68
Nylander 1.45 1.84
Brashear 1.46 4.45
Theodore 1.52 4.76
Fedorov 1.53 6.19
Schultz 1.63 5.25
Pothier 1.95 7.68


These numbers quite well reflect the spread of opinions and viewpoints on different players. Not surprisingly, the least controversy arises for the three out of four Young Guns + Laich + Steckel. Ovi's 1.09 is likely a reflection of maniacal alien fans trying to distort his results (there are 14 ratings of could that be?!?..) On the other side, Nylander, Theodore and Schultz have all been a subject of endless discussions which is reflected in their values. The highest σ is for Pothier which clearly is a manifestation of more emotional ratings due to his return from injury rather than a purely technical evaluation of the player's performance. Moreover, Pothier's season was one of the shortest for Caps and this also affected the spread. Finally, a large standard deviation for Fedorov is probably also due to a non-negligible emotional component in evaluation of an aging superstar...

And the very last note, due to quite significant statistics (450 to 950 votes per player) these results are not going to change if more votes are added. In fact, most of the polls are already closed.

If this FanPost is written by someone other than one of the blog's editors, the opinions expressed in it do not necessarily reflect those of this blog or SB Nation.

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