More people are catching Caps fever than swine flu

Yet they’re getting the same press coverage though only 100 and some out of how many millions people have this mild flu.

Fortunately the prescription for Caps fever is a cheap cowbell and not a $75 flu shot.

Anyway, as thousands of fans walked outside of Verizon Center Saturday after the Capitals’ 3-2 win, you could feel and hear the excitement in the air. People still cheering, honks blaring in the beat of ‘Let’s Go Caps!’

All this for a Game 1 win for the Semi-Finals. Not too shabby.

I decided to take a walk around the block, grab an overpriced cupcake, and chill to avoid the sardined subway. Random people asked me ‘Did the Caps win?’ ‘How’d they do?’ as I sported my freshly bought jersey (long overdue to upgrade my red rocking and the classic white jersey wasn’t on the memo).

I’d expect the homeless to ask what’s going on, and know what’s going on. Shit, they seem to pay attention to news more than most families, and give excellent directions for a nominal fee. But the average city dweller and suburbanite popped the questions Saturday in addition to the teenager waiting for his friend near Metro Center.

That is what makes the District, Hockey City.

The sheer glee in the streets for a playoff win is something to be proud of. Saturday reminded me when I was in Toronto on Easter Weekend in 2001. The Maple Leafs beat the second-seeded Ottawa Senators on the road for either Game 1 or 2 and you would have thought the Leafs won the Cup.

My sisters and I heard all this screaming and cheering and honking out on the streets while we were in our hotel room. We looked out the window and Leafs paraphernalia everywhere.

Saturday was not at Toronto-level excitement, but you can tell it’s growing and will only do so the farther we go.

I’m not sure how post-Game 7 was last week outside Verizon Center, or Game 5 for that matter, as I was unable to attend the first round this year, and had a superstitious promise to not attend a first-round game. I’d wait for the second round. Seems to turn out OK.

The excitement of today went beyond D.C.

I stopped off at the Frederick Best Buy to buy a CD for the rest of my ride home back to Hagerstown.

First a floor salesman: “Nice jersey, man.” Then the cashier: “How’d the game go?”

No more than a second later a mom pushing a cart with her son by her side: “Did the Caps win?”

It’s nice to be the bearer of good news (which I get paid to do for my real job … and the bad news, too.)

I never had this many people ask me about the Caps in a day. No passerby during last year’s playoffs inquired.

Ted is right: you have to win to get more people to notice the team.

They’re noticing all right.

Let's hope the wins keep coming this playoffs and the rounds go deeper for Caps fever to reach a pandemic level.

I'll never get sick of it.

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