Fedorov as a second season Capital

Even the least observant Capitals fans among us have been chirping that old man Fedorov isn't playing quite to the pace we expected. Some even talk about his play being incredibly sub par. The rest of us are waiting to see him unleash some kind of fury during these playoffs.

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In 07-08 he was an instant success. He put up turn around numbers (2g 11a in 18 games, opposed to 9g 19 assists in 50 games with the Jackets) in the regular season.

It seemed that all of the Russians and the excitement of playing on a new team refilled his fuel tank; enough for maybe a few more seasons.
He took an immature Alexander Semin and turned him into a temporary responsible point producing machine. Even George McPhee seemed surprised about everything Fedorov was adding to the roster behind the scenes

I think we all may be remembering him a bit too fondly though. In last years playoffs he put up surprisingly similar numbers to what he is doing this year.

I decided to take a look back on Fedorov's more recent history and see if he becomes a Captain Clutch during game 7s/elimination games.

Game 6 Rangers Caps
0g - 0a - +1 - 0 PIM 0 SOG 70% FO

Game 5 Rangers Caps
0g - 1a - +1 - 0 PIM 3 SOG 50% FO

(08 Post Season)

Game 7 Flyers Caps (Eliminated)
0g - 1a - +0 - 6 PIM 2 SOG 81% FO

Game 6 Flyers Caps
0g - 1a - +1 - 0 PIM 2 SOG 50% FO

Game 5 Flyers Caps
1g - 1a - +1 - 2 PIM 4 SOG 39% FO (1st Star)

(03 Post Season)

Game 4 Ducks Wings (Eliminated)
1g - 0a - +0 - 0 PIM 6 SOG 60% FO

(02 Post Season)

Game 6 Avs Wings (Won Cup with 1 more game)
0g - 0a - +1 - 2 PIM 2 SOG 47% FO

It's really nothing too impressive in his more recent history. It seems that whenever he has the chance of being eliminated or to eliminate an opponent he steps up to be decent in some area.
It was interesting to see that he didn't get very many points overall in series that he lost. Losing is sort of a rarity to him in the playoffs as it is.

In general, I think we should be happy about his performance this series as he as taken less penalties, is +1 and is only two points away from matching last series total against the Flyers.
I think he is still a strong center and just needs to get fired up again somehow. At the very least, I think it's great that he keeps Ovi, Semin, Kozlov, and Varly happy.

A personal best game tomorrow would be a great thing to add to his 00 decade resume. The chances of the Caps going deep are going to be dependent on him stepping up and providing more scoring and defensive responsibility.
Matt Bradley can only get so many 2 goal games...

In closing, as JP said:

 ...The old man of the bunch - you owe it to yourself and your legacy to be Sergei Fedorov at least one more time. Tonight would be a great night for it.

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