4/2/09: Recap and tomorrow's games that matter

Notes about tonight's games and tomorrow's preview as it relates to the playoffs.

Tonight's games (involving Eastern Conference teams):

  1. Canes 4 - Rangers 2: A loss of any kind by Carolina would have clinched the division for the Caps.  As it stands, the Canes move up to the 4 seed while the Rangers fall to the 8 seed (and hold a tiebreaker over the Panthers given their 3-0-1 record head to head).  Bottom line, the Caps still need 1 point to clinch the division.
  2. Canadiens 5 - NYI 1: With the win, the Canadiens now control the 7 seed.  They have 1 point and 1 game in hand on the Rangers.  How does everyone feel about facing them in Round 1?
  3. Bruins 2 - Senators 1: The Bruins need only 2 points to clinch the conference and now have a 9 point lead on the Caps.  This game also eliminated the Sens from playoff contention.  Flags in Ottawa fly at half-staff eh?  (Note: Ray Emery's house not included)  NJD has officially been eliminated from contention from the 1 seed.

Tomorrow's games (involving Eastern Conference teams):

  1. Sabres @ Caps: Of note, the Sabres should come into this game hungry.  They are not yet eliminated though it's looking dicier by the day.  Their tragic number is 7 (Rangers).  One point for the Caps clinches the division.  Our boys need 8 points won by us/lost by NJD to clinch the 2 seed.
  2. 'Ning @ NJD: The Devils are still chasing the Caps for the 2 seed.  The Ning were eliminated several games back.  Root for the Ning to help the Caps clinch the 2 seed.
  3. Leafs @ Flyers:  The Leafs have been eliminated, but the Flyers are fighting for home ice in the first round.  They also have an (extremely) outside shot at passing the Devils for the 3 seed.  Despite the screwy standings, the Flyers actually control the #4 seed over Pittsburgh (MN is 11 for the 4 seed).
  4. Thrashers @ Panthers:Panthers need a win to put the pressure on the Rangers for the 8 seed.  Who would you rather see Boston face?  NYR, Florida or Montreal?

You can also see the updated Playoff Tracker here.  Note that in the tracker, I don't account for tiebreakers.  Actually, the Rangers control the 8 spot, though they currently have to win out.


Best case Scenario for tonight:

Win for the Caps, regulation loss for the Devils.  The Caps would clinch the Division and be only 4 points from the 2 seed.

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