Left and Right D-Men

I have to admit that the question of which defenseman plays on which side has always made my head spin.  It seems to me that every time someone says a general rule, there are always a ton of exceptions.  Today, I'm trying to figure out where Pothier fits in, and it's giving me a headache.  So please correct any of this if it's wrong.

First, some facts:

Pothier shoots right (the Caps website is wrong on this -- I checked some photos to make sure)
Green and Jurcina shoot right.  So does Ovechkin (your PP point)
Poti, Schultz, Alzner, Morrisonn, Kronwall and Erskine shoot left.  So does Fedorov.

Green plays on the right side.  Poti also seems to usually play on the right side.  Between them, they can handle almost 50 minutes a night out there.  Juice and/or Erskine often seem to play the rest of the right side minutes.

Schultz and Morrisonn seem to take on most of the left side minutes, with Kronwall or Erskine taking what is left over.  I think Alzner has typically played on the left side when he's been up with the team.

Based on all that, it looks like the right side of the Caps' D is much better than the left, thanks to Green and Poti.  I assume Pothier would play on the left, but I'm not sure of that since he shoots right.  Maybe Poti would move to the left to make room for him.

One of Pothier's best attributes is his skating and his speed, so it would make sense to me to pair Pothier and Green (if Pothier's on the left).  Pothier would be a good "safety" when Green pinches in.  Of course Pothier can't handle as many minutes as Green, so someone else would have to play on Green's pairing some of the time.

Here are some possible pairings, by TOI:

PP:  Ovechkin - Green (5 mins)

PK1: Alzner - Poti (4 mins)

PK2: Schultz - Green (2 mins)

EV1:  Pothier - Green (15 mins)

EV1a:  Schultz - Green (3 mins)

EV2:  Alzner - Poti (14 mins)

EV2a:  Schultz - Poti (3 mins)

EV3:  Schultz - Juice/Erskin/Kron (12 mins)

That breaks down to 25 mins for Green, 23 for Poti, 20 mins for Schultz, 18 mins for Alzner, 15 mins for Pothier, 12 for Juice/Erskine/Kron, and 5 mins for Ovechkin.

Does this look reasonable?  Or would Pothier play on the right and push Poti to the left?

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