Yes, we can have Pronger.***

*** I think.


Per the below calculations, we can add just a tad over $3M in salary.  If Morrisonn is included then it's just over $5M.  If Brashear is also included, it's just over, and I do mean barely over, Pronger's $6.25M.  And Lord knows, if I fudged anything on these numbers, this could all blow up.

So, and I'm using a best offer/final offer scenario here:

Morrisonn and Brashear, our #1 and our #3 for Pronger.  This almost certainly means no Alzner on the post season roster unless a high salary gets injured. and it almost guarantees we have to buy out Nylander this summer (not a bad thing).  So, do we do this?  Would the Ducks do this?  Who fills the role of Brashear?  Does Brashear actually have a role to fill?

The daily calculations are kind of pointless because we haven't banked any space. They're just the annual numbers divided by 185 (10/9/08-4/12/09).

             Annual           Daily
1 Ovechkin         9,538,462        51,559
2 Nylander         4,875,000        26,351
3 Semin         4,600,000        24,865
4 Fedorov         4,000,000        21,622
5 Kozlov         2,500,000        13,514
6 Backstrom         2,400,000        12,973
7 Laich         2,066,667        11,171
8 Brashear         1,250,000          6,757
9 Bradley         1,000,000          5,405
10 Fehr           735,000          3,973
11 Fleischman           725,000          3,919
12 Gordon           725,000          3,919
13 Steckel           512,500          2,770
1 Green         5,250,000        28,378
2 Poti         3,500,000        18,919
3 Morrissonn         1,975,000        10,676
4 Jurcina           881,250          4,764
5 Erskine           537,500          2,905
6 Schultz           763,889          4,129
7 Kronwall           243,750          1,318
1 Theodore         4,500,000        24,324
2 Neu/Var           821,667          4,441
LTIR Clark         2,633,333        14,234
LTIR Pothier         2,500,000        13,514
LTIR Johnson           812,500          4,392
Buyout Clymer           250,000          1,351
Cap       56,700,000       306,486
Cap + LTIR       62,645,833       338,626
Total Salary       59,596,518       322,143
Available         3,049,315        16,483

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