Trade Deadline Approaching. What Do We Do?

Obviously, by "we" I mean GMGM.  But speculation time!

Last year at this time, I wrote an article on this topic on Bleacher Report, and I am planning to do so again.  The following is my pre-emptive research that'll guide the potential article.  Please feel free to make any suggestions and comments.  Contract info via

The Sporting News

1.)Doug Weight (C, New York Islanders, 4.3 Million, UFA at end of season):  This guy would be a damn good 3rd line center.  His latest injury makes him a no go.

2)Bill Guerin (RW, New York Islanders, 4.5 Million, UFA at end of season):  Has our favorite hated meme:  a no movement clause.  But would be a right wing who could play on any line.  At 4.5Mil, too much for us.  Shame.  Too much.

3.)Nickas Havelid (D, Atlanta Thrashers, 2.7 Million, UFA at end of season):  We could feasibly swing this deal.  I don't necessarily think he's an upgrade to our d-corps for his cap price over Mo, though.  No thanks.

4.)Brendan Morrison (C, Anaheim Ducks, 2.75 Million, UFA at end of season):  He's a slightly poorer mans Doug Weight.  I'd rather spend the extra .3 mil to get Weight than take Morrison, who would likely demand more ripe talent than Weight, who would more likely demand a prospect/draft pick.  No.

5.)Maxim Afinogenov (RW, Buffalo Sabres, 3.333 Million,  UFA at end of season): 3.5M seems like a low number for a guy with his upside, but he seems to struggle with the inconsistancy bug.  I'd only consider him if we find out Kozlov is going to be out long term, and even then I'd take a long look at Antropov first.  No.

6.)Kyle McLaren (D, San Jose Sharks, 2.5 Million, UFA at end of season): Is he better than Morrisonn?  He's done in San Jose, and we could have him for half the cost.  I'd consider him over Jurcina, but he's not a top four guy on this team.  With the way he's yo-yoed through waivers, if we wanted him, we'd have him.

7.)Keith Tkachuk (LW, St. Louis Blues, 4.5 Million, UFA at end of season): Would be a Hell of a pick up, but would likely move Laich to a fourth line, and maybe sit Brash completely.  Too many players who would be higher on the depth chart for Tkachuk to have a significant amount of playing time, and he may warrant too much in the way of prospects.  No thanks.

Jamie Fitzpatrick:  I dunno who he is, but he came up on a search for trade rumors.

8.)Chris Pronger (D, Anaheim Ducks, 6.25 Million, UFA at end of 09-10):  You make too much, Chris.  Stay in Anaheim.  (Got a feeling he won't be traded).

9.)Scott Niedermayer (D, Anaheim Ducks, 6.75 Million, UFA at end of 09-10):   6.75 mil.  You make too much, Scott.  Stay in Anaheim.  (Also won't get traded).

10.)Nik Antropov (RW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 2.05 Million, UFA at end of season):  Nik is an interesting story.  Having played for the Leafs, he obviously lacks in the way of playoff experience.  I'd like to think if we're making a move at the deadline, we're going to want an experienced guy, not a playoff rookie.  I'll pass, unless Koz and Clark are both long-term injured.

11.)Tomas Kaberle (D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 4.25 Million):  Has a no trade clause.  He's also injured.  I'm not ready to take a guy like that.

12.)Pavel Kubina (D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 5 Million, UFA at end of 09-10):  At 5 million, makes way too much for my liking. Also has a no trade clause.

13.)Alexei Kovalev (RW, Montreal Canadiens, 4.5 Million, UFA at end of season):  Would have to be a replacement for someone.  While everyone would scream Nylander, it'd have to be Kozlov to give up his spot.  Would Kozlov perform as well without Ovechkin?  Which Kovalev would come to the Caps, the refreshed one or the Kovalev of the past few weeks.  No thanks.

14.)Sean Avery (C, Hartford Wolf Pack, 3.875 Million):  I would love to have his level of grit see him ruin the Rangers watch him sit in Hartford all year  have him go join Ray Emery in Russia.  No.

15.)Radek Bonk (C, Nashville Predators, 1.475 Million, UFA at end of season):  What does he bring that David Steckel doesn't?

16.)Greg De Vries (D, Nashville Predators, 2.75 Million, UFA at end of season):  2.75M makes him an attractive candidate to replace Morrisonn.  His -15 on the Predators squad does not.

17.)Vernon Fiddler (C, Nashville Predators, 850k, UFA at end of 09-10):  850K makes him an attractive prospect, but he's not producing on a level yet that he's worth a regular player, and we don't need another left wing prospect.

18.)Scott Nichol (C, Nashville Predators, 750k, UFA at end of 09-10):  He's having concussion issues, but even before that, he doesn't seem like the kind of player we need.  A lesser version of Brooks Laich.

19.)Steve Sullivan (LW, Nashville Predators, 3.2 Million): 3.2Mil is too much for a guy who seems to have missed so much of the regular season.  It is not too much for a guy who could provide playoff grit.  I'd look elsewhere first, and maybe come back to this option.

20.)Greg Zanon (D, Nashville Predators, 725k, UFA in 09-10): 725k for what I'd consider an upgrade on Jurcina/Erskine.  I would not hesitate to go for this guy if a draft pick or borderline prospect was offered.  Shaone Morrisonn to the Preds straight up for Zanon would be a steal.

21.)Jay Bouwmeester (D, Florida Panthers, 4.875 Million, UFA at end of season):  His 4.875 mil will jump to 6+ mil after the season.  Do we really want to give up a Semin level player for him?  I don't think he's good enough.

22.)Erik Cole (LW, Edmonton Oilers, 4 Million, UFA at end of season):  Not a good fit.

23.)Chris Neil (RW, Ottawa Senators, 1.1 Million, UFA at end of season):  Chris makes 1.1 Million dollars.  If Clark is out long term, I try to snatch this guy up, if the asking price is not too high.  I think his play style would fit in, and he'd add grit.  Is he dirty?  Yes.  But he's not dirtier than Hunter.  I would hate this trade at first, and likely love it after a few games.  Not opposed to it, for the right price.

24.)Filip Kuba (D, Ottawa Senators, 3 Million):  In my opinion, Kuba makes too much to not provide enough.  Pass.

25.)Nathan Horton (C, Florida Panthers, 4 Million):  Would be a hard trade to make.  Florida is looking to make the playoffs, as are we, and we're in the same division.  On those grounds alone, I'll say no.

26.)Brendan Witt (D, New York Islanders 2.767 Million):  Had his chance here.  He can stay on the border of Kansas and Missouri Long Island.

27.)Dan Hamhuis (D, Nashville Predators, 2.25 Million, UFA at end of 09-10 season):  I have a confession - I love Dan Hamhuis.  And it's no secret I'm not a fan of Juice.  I think he'd slide nicely into a 4th slot on our defense, and if they'd take Mo and Jurcina and a draft pick or middle tier prospect (Lepisto comes to mind) for Hamhuis and Zanon, I'd snatch that in a heartbeat.  A d-corps of Green-Schultz, Hamhuis-Poti, and Alzner/Zanon/Kronwall/Erskine would just make me giddy.  I approve.

28.)Derek Morris (D, Phoenix Coyotes, 3.95 Million, UFA at end of season):  Makes too much.

29.)Brett Clark (D, Colorado Avalanche, 3.5 Million, UFA at end of 09-10):  Are the Avalanche sellers?  Even if so, our 5-6 pairing is log-jammed as it is, and I don't think Brett's a 4.

30.)Ilya Kovalchuk (LW, Atlanta Thrashers, 6.4 Million, UFA at end of 09-10 season):  Costs way too much, both in obtaining him and paying him.  The thought of a first line of him, Ovechkin, and Fedorov though does make me salivate.

31.)Kyle Calder (LW, Los Angeles Kings, 2.75 Million, UFA at end of season):  A +2 on LA is kind of impressive.  At the same time, I think he'd only be a short term fix, and isn't worth giving anything of value up.

32.)Marian Gaborik (RW, Minnesota Wild, 6.33 Million, UFA at end of season):  Scoring a problem?  No.  Injuries?  Yes.  Gaborik would be redundant on both parts (Not that scoring is a bad redundancy to have, but he'd create too many shooters and not enough passers.   Not enough puck between him, Semin, Ovechkin...)

33.)Niklas Backstrom (G, Minnesota Wild, 3.1 Million, UFA at end of season):  Is Theo hurt?  I don't think Backstrom is worth the cost if he isn't.

34.)Manny Fernandez (G, Boston Bruins, 4.33 Million, UFA at end of season):  We're chasing the Bruins.  We're against the salary cap.  We've been getting stellar goaltending.  All signs point to no on this trade, which probably means if we do trade for a goalie it'll be him.  I hope not.

35.)Vesa Toskala (G, Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 Million, UFA at end of 09-10):  I think Stretch would be a better option in goal.  I submit this as evidence.

36.)Vincent Lecavalier (C, Tampa Bay Lightning, 6.875 Million): Nah.  Let him have his Canadien love affair if he gets traded.

37.)Ryan Smyth (LW, Colorado Avalanche, 6.25 Million):  At his salary, we can't take him.  He's a guy who you'd LOVE to have though.

38.)Colby Armstrong (RW, Atlanta Thrashers, 1.2 Million, RFA at end of season):  Another situation of "If Clark is gone long term, we're going to need a gritty right wing.  I wouldn't mind Armstrong.  Also, RFA status let's us decide whether we want him or draft picks at his contracts expiration.

39.)Scotty Upshall (RW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1.225 Million, RFA at end of season): A guy who I would LOVE to see in Red White and Blue instead of Black and Orange.  Realistically, we can't acquire him, but I'd love to.  Won't happen.  He's basically the same as Colby Armstrong at this point.

What would you be willing to give up for these guys?  What would you *realistically* expect GMGM to go for in the coming days.

Hopefully this helps.

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