Rink Rabbits! Let's talk about shirts...

Hello ladies :)

We've been discussing wardrobe options for the Rink Rat Pick-Up game (Jan. 2nd at Kettler), so I figured a separate thread could be of some use to hash out the details.  I don't know about you all, but I'm excited - I think this is going to be pretty hilarious. 

Here's my recap of the ideas so far (feel free to add/subtract/change):

  • big t-shirts, belted or tied on the side 80s style
  • leggings/tights/fishnets(hahaha)/whatever works - your choice (I'm going with shorts as well, for sure)
  • some sort of boots (or really any shoes you want) - original idea was leggings with uggs (being the unofficial uniform of the modern puck bunny), but there are plenty of other options for those of us who don't have uggs

Here's a simple starter t-shirt idea - the simpler they are, the cheaper they'll be, plus we need to make sure they can be belted/tied:




Okay, have at it!  Once we get an idea, I have a couple companies I've used before if we want to get them made (I'm a high school class sponsor)


P.S. What color(s) do you think we should use?  I was thinking either white with red or red with white, but we could make it fun and do black/pink or something like that...?



Edit:  Alright - once I get enough votes, I'll let you all know what the color scheme will be, and will take orders for sizes.  It's up to you whether you want to get a big one and go 80s style, or get a normal fitting one - either will work :)  Bunny ears would be a pretty funny touch as well.  Email what size you'd like to me at - I'd like to get the order in by Friday if possible, so we can make sure we get them in time.  Remember, we need at least 10 participants to get a decent price, so I'm going to wait until I get at least 10 votes!  ~ Kelly :)

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