Ovi's 3rd period productivity

During the last game in Toronto, either Locker or Beninati mentioned that AO does not score much in the 3rd period. Indeed, only 2 of his 21 goals, that is, less than 10%, were scored in the last 20 min. And this is not because he shoots less -- of his 130 shots, 42 (32%) were made in the 3rd, compared to 40 in the 1st and 48 in the 2nd. As a result of such disbalance between shooting and scoring, the percentage drops dramatically from 0.275 to 0.167 to 0.048(!!!).

Let's take a look at the top 10 goal scorers in the league (as of 12/14) and their scoring percentage and TOI:

GP G 1st 2nd 3rd Av.SHFT TOI/G H/G

Marian Gaborik NYR 29 22 .125 .237 .310 0:50.4 22:12 0.5
Alex Ovechkin WAS 25 21 .275 .167 .048 1:04.5 21:19 2.7
Dany Heatley SAN 34 21 .146 .300 .176 0:47.8 20:20 0.9
Patrick Marleau SAN 34 20 .192 .209 .150 0:46.2 21:23 1.0
Sidney Crosby PIT 32 20 .179 .174 .158 0:57.6 22:04 0.9
Dustin Penner EDM 32 18 .129 .219 .194 0:47.7 19:56 0.8
Michael Cammalleri MON 33 17 .190 .174 .111 0:48.0 19:29 0.3
Steven Stamkos TAM 32 17 .125 .212 .182 0:46.9 19:32 0.9
Jarome Iginla CGY 32 17 .194 .156 .161 0:50.8 20:48 1.0
Ilya Kovalchuk ATL 24 17 .318 .107 .188 1:08.9 21:41 0.4
Average 0:52.9 20:52

Obviously, no other top-10 scorer has such sharp drop in percentage as Ovi, and only Kovi has longer average shifts. Ovi's shift is almost 12 seconds longer than the average in this table, and this does not feel good. The TOI/G seems not too high for #8 but this stats includes two games when Ovi was ejected. Excluding those games, his TOI/G is 22:43 which becomes the highest in this list. Another component inevitably adding to the fatigue is Ovi's high percentage of slap shots that require more physical effort than any other shot (not that I am complaining about it too much). His ratio of the scored slap shots to the wrist shots is 1.00, while it is 0.67 for Kovi, 0.33 for Marleau and only 0.18 for Gaborik.

Crossing my fingers in hope that the Russian machine never breaks gets tired in the 3rd...

UPDATE: Hits added...

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