JRHL Update 12/14/09


Standings after the jump

Natty's Ice 62 46 2 .573 --
Deb's Goon Emporium 51 45 14 .527 5
Cab Ride With Citizen Kane 52 52 6 .500 8
Disgruntled Goats 47 56 7 .459 12.5
Dale City Magi 43 58 9 .432 15.5
Two Prongered Assault 71 32 7 .677 --
My Jokes Getzlafs 62 39 9 .605 8
Team Pervertedlyslow 53 47 10 .527 16.5
Prestige Worldwide 40 62 8 .400 30.5
The Royal Tenenbaums 33 65 12 .355 35.5
Two Bit Crew 68 34 8 .655 --
Gould's Grinders 64 36 10 .627 3
Ice Warriors X 56 45 9 .550 11.5
Let's Go Whalers! 36 64 10 .373 31
Winnipeg Jets 34 64 12 .364 32


Don't Toews Me Sombrero 56 47 7 .541 --
Harrisonburg Dukes 56 49 5 .532 1
Polar Bear Rebellion 48 47 15 .505 4
Champaign Ice Beagles 42 59 9 .423 13
Williamsburg Face Wash 36 63 11 .377 18

Last week's matchups:

Natty's Ice vs. Pervertedly Slow 5-5-0 - Natty's Ice carried two of the three goaltending categories with a perfect GAA and SV%, thwarting a brilliant week from Ilya Bryzgalov. However, PS carried 4 out of the 7 skater categories to sneak in a tie.

The Champaign Ice Beagles vs. Deb's Goon Emporium 7-3-0 - Wojitek Wolski (2g, 4a, +4, 2PIM, 1ppg, 12 SOG in 4 games) and Marty Brodeur came up huge for the Beagles, who captured 4 of the skating cats and swept the goalie statistics for a 7-3-0 victory over the Goons.

Cab Ride with Citizen Kane vs. Don't Toews Me Sombrero 7-3-0 - A fairly tight matchup across the skater categories, CRwCK won all 3 goalie categories on a great week from Nicklas Backstrom.

Gould's Grinders vs. Dale City Magi 8-1-1 - Once again a closer matchup than the final score indicated, DCM needed a single ppg and a single assist to grab ties in those categories. In the goalie matchup, what more can you say about Ryan Miller? Guy has been unbelievable all year long both on the ice and in the fantasy leagues. Martin Havlat also broke out of his slump in a huge way: 2g, 3a, +5, 4 PIMs and 10 SOG in 4 games played. If Spezza wakes up and Havlat recovers to his mean production, look out.

Two Prongered Assault vs. Williamsburg Face Wash 7-3-0 - 2PA absolutely dominated the skater categories behind stunningly good weeks from Alex Ovechkin and Dustin Penner. The only cat that was even close was PIM at 29 to 26. John Quick saved WFW from total annihilation with a great week and finished 3-0 with a .941 SV% and 1.58 GAA

My Jokes Getzlafs vs. Polar Bear Rebellion 6-2-2 - The skating categories were very close, finishing tied in +/- and SOG (How does that even happen?!). The Rebellion got a huge week out of Alex Ponikarovsky to offset an absolutely putrid performance in net from Chris Mason. In fact, both Marc-Andre Fleury and Mason had horrible weeks, but MAF was slightly less awful and winning all 3 goalie categories pulled MJG to the standings victory.

Prestige Worldwide vs. Let's Go Whalers! 6-3-1 - The skating categories broke for PWW (1g margin, 1ppg margin, whereas LGW won +/- by 7, SOG by 8 and PIM by 6) and Dwayne Roloson outdueled Carey Price to get the win in 2 of the 3 goalie cats and a tie in the wins column.

Ice Warriors X vs. The Royal Tenenbaums 7-3-0 - Henrik Sedin absolutely lit it up for TRT, but it wasn't enough to overcome Craig Anderson's dominant week and Zach Parise's assist-per-game pace.

Two Bit Crew vs Winnipeg Jets 5-2-3 - The Jets got a great week out of Cristobal Huet, but TBC had Semyon Varlamov's only game of the week (the TBL shutout) powering him to victory in two of the 3 goalie categories and a veritable onslaught of assists. The two squads ended the week tied in PPG and +/-, but no other category was really close. Tight matchup.

Harrisonburg Dukes vs Disgruntled Goats 6-4-0 - The stories here were the dominance of Miika Kiprusoff and 1. The Dukes won by 1a, 1 +/- and 1 PIM. This matchup could just as easily gone the other way with a little more support for Henrik Lundqvist or just a bounce here or there for the Goats skaters.

The Gartner and the Langway look reeeeeal interesting right about now.

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