Speculating Semin's Worth

Deciding to kill some time and being the GM at heart that I am; I wanted to know potentially what Semin's Next Contract could be with the Capitals.

With the help of i went through a lot of forwards who are currently making around 5-7 Million and in addition to there Salary's; I located current career stats and projected there Avg Points per year.

As we all can agree, Semin is a highly skilled player who can be the best or worst player on the ice on any given night. As many people have discussed his goal scoring and stick handling skills could rival Ovechkin's but his Injuries, Costly penalties, and lack of motivation have cost us games.

The List of players after the Jump:

Player Age YR Signed CT Yearly PT Proj. TERM Cap Hit/ Mil
Kristian Huselius 31 2008 65Pts  4yr/19 Mil $4.75
Patrick Marleau 30 2008 70Pts  2yr/12.6 Mil $6.30
Brian Gionta 30 2009 60Pts  5yr/25 Mil $5.00
Sedin twins 29 2009 75Pts  5yr/30.5 Mil $6.10
Mike Ribeiro 29 2008 75Pts  5yr/25 Mil $5.00
Martin Havlat 28 2009 60Pts  6yr/30 Mil $5.00
Mike Cammalleri 27 2009 75Pts  5yr/30 Mil $6.00
Jason Spezza 26 2008 85Pts 7yr/49 Mil $7.00
Jason Pominville 26 2009 70Pts  5yr/26.5 Mil $5.30
Mike Richards 24 2008 70Pts  12yr/69 Mil $5.75
Paul Stastny 23 2009 70Pts  5yr/33 Mil $6.60
Phil Kessel 22 2009 60Pts  5yr/27 Mil $5.40
Marian Gaborik/NYR* 27 2009 70Pts  5YR/37.5 mil $7.50

*NYR'S GM doesn't understand the price value of players and has over paid certain players(At the time for gaborik but he is looking good currently) Examples: Gomez,Redden,Drury

I know a lot more goes into figuring out how much a player should or should not receive. There Age can be a factor and RFA counts for something. With his agent coming out and saying that he wasn't taking any discounts i was wondering what could possibly be Semin's Value? Even though his agent said this, Ovechkin(best bud) play's in washington and this should have some weight in the discussions.

Based on the player i would say he has an Avg around 65PTs per Season but trending UP if he could play more games per season. In no way should they even consider paying Semin Gaborik type money and I’m sure the team would trade him in a second if he even thinks he is worth that much. Semin i believe, compares the most with Pominville, Ribeiro, Havlat, and Cammalleri.

Therefore i think the Caps should highly consider a contract in the neighborhood of 5yrs totaling 29Mil. Unlike Backstrom who will be given a long and lifetime contract like Ovechkin. You can not offer the same to Semin because having a 5 year contact is the perfect amount to keep him motivated and prevent serous long term injury problems for the team Ex: Rick Dipetro/NYI.

Anyways thats my take and fill free to discuss.

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