Doin' it to ya in the earhole!

Good evening.
Do not attempt to adjust your radio, there is nothing wrong.
We have taken control as to bring you this special show.
We will return it to you as soon as you are grooving.

Hockey is undergoing a renaissance of great audio content, served out for free to anyone who loves the game.  I've been listening to a few hockey podcasts every week for a while, and it's really added a lot to my enjoyment of the game.  I figured I'd share the love.


...the Mothership Connection.
Home of the extraterrestrial brothers,
Dealers of funky music.

The podcast that's probably best known in these parts is the Capitals Report.  The show was indispensable when it was just Vogel.  There aren't too many out there who are more knowledgable about the team.  Vogel brings a great perspective, having a great memory for good times and bad times.  But the show was greatly improved with the inclusion of Brett #80 "Stretch" Leonhart.  What other team has a web personality who can tell you stories about taking shots from the current players over the past week?


Sir Lollipop Man! Chocolate coated, freaky and and habit forming.
Doin' it to you in 3-D,
So groovy that I dig me.

He's John, and he's Francois -- and they come to you every Monday on The Old Barn Hockey Show.  John Walton is Hershey's radio play-by-play guy, and I won't lie: John Walton is better at what he does than certain guys who do Caps games.  This show is the best way to keep up with the farm.  And John and Frank have such unmistakable chemistry, I would enjoy the show even if I didn't care about the players.


Gettin' deep.
Once upon a time called Right Now

It's like this:  if you're a Caps fan, you have to listen to the Hockey Diaries.  You've been hearing a lot about it for the last week or so, but if you've been putting it off for any reason, just download it and listen.  As Caps fans, we are singularly fortunate to have this kind of access to two of our favorite players.  Their personalities really come through, and the stories they tell are unbelievable.  I just don't know what else I can say.  It's awesome.


Let me put my sunglasses on.
That's the law around here, you got to wear your sunglasses.
So you can feel cool.
Gangster lean.
Y'all should dig my sun-rooftop.

Imagine you're alone in LA, and you walk into a bar for dinner.  There's hockey playing on the TV, and you sit at the bar next to a skinny Ducks fan and a stout Kings fan.  The friendship between the two is only equalled by each one's dedication to his own team, and they quickly draw you into their conversation with real charm and with witty trash-talk directed at each other.  First your meal, then the hockey game you're watching go by in a flash of entertaining conversation.  That's what the Puck Podcast feels like.  

Eddie Garcia and Doug Stollhand are two of the hardest working guys on the internet.  They may not watch and review every hockey game during the week, but it sure feels like they do.  And the daily hockey minute is a fantasic update every morning.  But it's their chemistry and real affection for each other that has made them the #1 podcast on the internet and on iTunes.


Don't stop, get down
Blow your horn

Know of any other good hockey shows available for download?  Post 'em in the comments.

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